If your travel plans include backpacking to various cities or countries, your trip can be made a lot easier with certain travel-related tips. From making sure you utilize the space in your backpack efficiently to being safer from people who want to steal your personal information on computers and cell phones, there are numerous ways to make sure your next vacation is a lot easier on you.

Buy a Portable Phone Charger

Portable phone chargers are essentially external batteries that you can use to charge your cell phone each night. They also make it very simple to charge your phone because you won’t have to depend on the hotel you’re staying at to have a USB drive for you to use.

Protect Your Fingers From Getting Cut on Your Razors

If you carry a razor with you, put a binder clip on the tip of it. This way, if you’re fumbling around your suitcase and stumble upon your razor, its blades won’t cut your fingers and make them bleed.

Send a Copy of Your Passport to Your Email Address

If you send yourself a copy of your passport via email, you can easily get access to it whenever you need to. In addition, you’ll always have a copy of it close by.

Write the Word “Fragile” on Your Luggage

Even if you don’t store any fragile items in your suitcases, making people think there are delicate items inside may cause them to treat your luggage more carefully as you travel. This doesn’t always work, of course, but it increases the odds that your luggage will be treated in the right way.

Keep a Dryer Sheet in Your Backpack or Luggage

Dryer sheets help all of your belongings smell better the entire time you’re traveling, and, therefore, the items will never have a “musty” or unpleasant smell.

Keep Rechargeable Batteries in the Refrigerator

Rechargeable batteries keep up to 90% of their charge when they’re cold, so keeping them in the refrigerator whenever they’re not being used is a great way to keep them full of juice and fresh for much longer.