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Adam QuirkAdam Quirk’s Background

As an expert investigator, Adam Quirk grew up fascinated by the field of criminal justice and pursued a career that has spanned almost 20 years within the field. His career includes experience as a Diversion Investigator for the Drug Enforcement Administration and a Criminal Investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice. Adam Quirk is also a passionate reader, which he considers to be one of the factors that influenced his education and subsequent career. But when he isn’t improving his skills in various aspects of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Adam Quirk can be found traveling or staying up to date on the latest news on cars and the automotive industry.

Adam Quirk has spent his career working in various roles across the nation on a local and national level. Adam’s skills include team leadership and supervision, investigations, interviewing and interrogations, case management, and background screening, among other areas.

Before beginning his career, Adam Quirk received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin. Throughout his professional career, Adam has continued to expand his knowledge and skillset by furthering his education. He has a master’s degree in criminal justice from Boston University as well as a master’s of business administration from the University of Wisconsin. 

Adam Quirk has worked for various companies and organizations over the years. His first position in criminal justice was as a Special Investigator with the US Investigations Services. Adam began working in this role almost immediately after 9/11 and worked to conduct thousands of background investigations. He continued to work for the US government when he took on the role of Diversion Investigator with the US Drug Enforcement Administration. He was responsible for enforcing the Controlled Substances Act and the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act. In 2004, Adam Quirk graduated from the DEA Academy in Quantico, and he was then appointed as a DEA Diversion Investigator by the DEA Director. 

In 2008, Adam began working as the US Federal Bureau of Investigation where, upon graduation of the FBI Academy, he was working as a Special Agent. Adam Quirk graduated from the FBI Academy in March of 2009 and was appointed as a Special Agent by the FBI Director. Adam worked at the FBI for six years where he gained extensive experience as a Team Leader for special operations and as an FBI Fugitive Coordinator. 

Adam Quirk decided that he wanted to start his own business and opened Stealth Advise, Inc. in 2015. He is the Principal Owner and Private Investigator at the company that offers clients domestic and international investigations. Adam Quirk plans, organizes, and conducts these investigations as well as performs undercover operations, conducts interviews, and searches records and databases. Adam completed his MBA to improve his business skills to operate this company successfully. 

Adam Quirk continues to operate his private investigating business but now also works as a Global Investigator at Facebook. He creates investigative reports and conducts threat assessments for specific regions and functions.


Adam Quirk’s Travels and InterestsBermuda, Adam Quirk

Adam Quirk has traveled to several destinations throughout the world and still has more trips planned. He has been to Iceland, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, and Italy. He has also made trips to China, Cuba, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. During his trips, Adam Quirk takes amazing photographs of the scenery and continues to grow his portfolio. Some of Adam’s most impressive photos are from The Great Wall in China, as well as from Havana’s incredibly beautiful landscape. Some of Adam’s other memorable photos come from Iceland’s incredibly beautiful glaciers. One of Adam’s main goals is to visit the various Wonders of the World throughout his lifetime.

As for his interests in the automotive industry, it all stems from when Adam was growing up and his father had a 1970 Ford Mustang that they restored and a 1964 Ford Falcon. This got Adam and his brother very interested in cars, especially since their father was a big fan of Ford cars. Since his father refused to take a car to a shop for maintenance, Adam was able to learn how to take cars apart and change important parts. He would also attend classic car shows with his family whenever it came to town. Although he previously owned a 2009 Audi A5, and recently purchased a 2010 Audi Q5, Adam is proud of his first-ever car – a 1990 Yugo GV Plus. He bought it for $500 when he was 16 years old and still wishes he had it, as it was great when traveling in the snow. Even though his Yugo wasn’t sporty or speedy, it remains one of his favorite vehicles of all time.

Although he loves classic cars, Adam is equally interested in modern vehicles and how the technology behind them is advancing. As technology in the auto industry is continuously changing, he stays up to date by reading publications like Motor Trend Magazine and by traveling to various auto shows throughout the U.S. Adam also recently attended the U.S. Nationals NHRA racing competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. Unlike traditional cars, drag racing offers incredible speeds in excess of 300 MPH in a very short distance.

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