There’s nothing I love more than traveling around the world. Even better is traveling to places that are inexpensive and equally amazing. I thought highlighting some of the cheapest places to travel is worth covering. So start packing your suitcases and backpacks as this blog post lists some of the best affordable vacationing destinations of 2017 where you can live like a king with the budget of a pauper. Thanks to the steady high value of the U.S. dollar, there are many inexpensive places in the world that promise soulful journeys, days of exploration, scenic landscapes, pearly beaches, sinfully delicious food, and historical architecture.

Keep in mind, these aren’t in any particular order of preference. Each and every one of them demands a must-pay visit:



Underrated Portugal

Possibly one of the best under the radar haggle destinations, Portugal knows how to please all of its tourists. Boosting a delicious port, vintage-inspired towns and sights to behold, you can enjoy a full meal and drink in just $4 each. Visit it for its untouched raw beauty, economical food, romantic Barcelona, cheap accommodations, jaw-droopingly beautiful beaches, and vineyards that feature the tastiest of local wines. To say the least, Portugal won’t let you get bored or broke.

Exhilarating Bolivia

El Alto, Bolivia


A standout, thanks to its friendliest of locals and embedded traditions, Bolivia is a hidden gem treasuring sights of the most stunning sights within. Sights of the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni that are stretched as far as the eyes can see, and the calmness of Lake Titicaca are just a few to name. Also available are cheap accommodations, economical eateries, a cluster of art galleries and museums, and a tropical and humid climate to go sunbathing. Many even call it America’s Tibet, and by the amount of backpackers and holidaymakers they receive annually, it’s hard to disagree. Bolivia is beautiful, inexpensive, and amazing. A definite must see.



Budget-friendly Vietnam

When talking about budget-friendly vacations, I can almost guarantee that every top 10 list will have Vietnam in the top 5. Featuring upscale affordable accommodations, healthy and economical food, pearly white beaches and other beautiful sights, Vietnam is one of South Asia’s most standout destinations. When in Vietnam, one can kayak their way through the emerald waters, enjoy the best street food while going to Hanoi, stop by to take a breath at the Hoi, An and much more without emptying your wallet.

Picturesque Hungary


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary’s capital is by far one of the most scenic cities in all of Europe, promising great historical architecture, ornate thermal bath houses, quaint villages, hiking trails, glowing hills, warm waters, refreshing liquor and delectable delicacies. Do this and much more in half the prices you planned to spend on your American holiday.

A Backpacker’s Heaven Cambodia


As soon as you land in Columbia, you will almost feel guilty paying so little. With an average income of about $950 annually, Cambodia is a great place to go vacationing with the whole family. Even the best international resorts are considerably cheaper than their sibling hotels in Asia, but feature world-class accommodations and amenities. Vacationers can travel, eat and stay by just spending a few pennies (literally!) As for what awaits you when in Cambodia? Lip-smacking food, iconic historical sites, the jaw-dropping temples of the Angkor Wat, and warm weather. Cambodia is another must see.

Romantic Greece



Greece and cheap? Well, it is now. Due to an economic crisis in the region, Greece has now become a fairly affordable destination to vacation with the whole family. It is even less expensive if you plan to skip staying in the Mykonos and Santorini and head straight to Paros or Skiathos. Enjoy all night raves, pool parties, and super cheap shots, or head to Hydra for the best Souvlaki kebabs. Still need more convincing? Satisfy your inner cavemen while devouring traditional meat and gravy with oozing fillings of cheese at the Kefalonia.




Adam Quirk is a criminal justice professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. In addition to traveling internationally, Adam enjoys writing security related blogs, as well as conducting investigations.