Traveling abroad can be complicated, especially in today’s security-conscious world, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Indeed, learning which documents you need and which ones you don’t is the most important step you can take. This works best when you check with your airline, cruise line, or travel agent, as well as the state department and the embassy for the country you’re visiting. Some people need visas to visit other countries, while others do not. For example, Americans do not need visas to visit over 115 countries, including 26 in Europe. If it is considered tourism or short-term business reasons, Americans are good to travel, and it is good to know things such as this before you head out.

Travel 101: Know the Basics

Passports are required for overseas travel, and they are now required for visits to Canada as well. If you’re checking with the government of the country you’ll be traveling to, make sure you learn how long you can be in that country on a current visa because you can run into complications if you stay there too long. The state department recommends that your passport not expire for a minimum of six months after you leave for the trip, so that you can be covered if you’re there for a longer period of time.

Get Most of the Data Online

Learning about the country you’re visiting and its requirements for travel is a lot easier when you search their website, which usually provides a lot of precious travel information for your benefit. Even if you think you have everything you’ll need to travel, it is good to check with your airline or cruise line in case they have any special requirements, which can sometimes be a little different. Traveling to places such as the Bahamas can be confusing, but this is one of those areas that requires a passport. In addition, certain airlines require that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months from the day you enter the country, so make sure it won’t be expiring any time soon before you get on the plane.